Jun 18, 2008

Centre of Internet

Man has since time immemorial tried to fnd out about the centre of Universe. He did succeed in finding the centre of Solar System. We also know about centre of Gravity.

Have you ever wondered that there just might be a centre of Internet too? Did you ever think where it might be?

This is an interesting site I landed in.

Check it out and dont forget to thank me :))



Jun 14, 2008

The Magical Monsoons of Mumbai

Yes, friends. Its pouring cats, dogs, hippos, rhynos, in Mumbai. And what do you think I am upto?
I am sitting in front of my PC in my OFFICE! Yeah, you heard me right. What a waste of time and rain! Luckily I am placed such that if I look up from my screen I can peep out of a window. Not everyone is as lucky and I sure count that as a blessing. I have pulled the blinds up and am staring longingly at them, the clouds and the rain. The rain is pattering wildly against the window creating a translucent mosaic of the scene outside. I see the traffic outside braving against the rains. I see men, women and kids with their colourful umbrellas looking like a blooming flower. Roads and vehicles looking washed and sparkling. For that matter, even the leaves of the trees. Sighs, I wish I was at home. This climate is not meant to be working on deadlines or powerpoint presentations.

While at it, I cant help drooling over pakodas. Yes, thats the need of this hour. I want them as badly as a pregnant lady yearns for the proverbial mangoes. I am about to pick up my wallet and run to the canteen.
"What about that excessive fat accumulated around you?", cries my conscience.
"Dont you remember what my little one said yesterday?" I reply to it.
Incidentally, we were pouring over our old albums and my little one had clearly announced her preference for the cuddly-rolly-polly-mom-of-today to that skinny-scrawny-girl who got married to her appa years back.
So, this goes for you, my little one; 1 plate pakodas please!


Jun 7, 2008

The Grand Finale

Seems like I have been doing only tags and tags :) Shows how lazy I have become even to think and type. Grrrr.. Cmon, girl, pull up your salwar and socks!
I thought I must share a piece of happening with you all. Some news which we want to store in the memory box and keep retrieving to relive and what best way other than to write it down as a diary.

My hubby has been a sports-speaking-person. He belongs to the breed who can speak about sports and he claims he was the captain of his college team but I am yet to check out the story. I have never been into sports at all. I remember once finishing 4th in the 200 metre race, but did I miss telling you there were only 4 participants. You get the point!
So, when we realised that the finals of the IPL was going to be played at a stadium which was just a stones throw away from where we stay, hubby dear jumped up from the couch, threw the remote (while I couldnt believe my eyes), and ran around frantically until we had 4 tickets with us. I was not too keen on going but then I had never seen a cricket match live and so I agreed to join him with my 2 girls.

Now I must tell you that my elder one is one big Dravid fan. She dreams Dravid, she thinks Dravid and she sees Dravid - just short of eating him up! Younger one is a Dhoni fan... maybe even an air conditioner!
Coming to the event, we all have changed colours and sides ever since IPL started and how. I, for one, began supporting Mumbai Indians, shifted to Kolkatta, back to Mumbai Indians but finally settled on supporting Chennai Superkings. So much for my loyalty. In any case, on the D-Day, out came our bright yellow T-shirts. I wanted to carry 4 bottles of Coke, some wafers, some eatables, some tissues and was getting the whole backpack ready when I was informed by hubby dear that we are not going on a trip, mam. we are going to watch a match and they do not allow even one bottle of water inside the stadium What the @#$%$#%. Disappointed I was but then did not have much choice. Sighs!
Anyway, armed with binoculars, we eagerly and promptly reported to the stadium at 6. The program was supposed to start at 6:30
Let me briefly summarise my observations.
1) The stadium isnt as huge as it seems when viewed sitting in your living room inside a 29 inch box.
2) Closing ceremony was awesome. The laser show and the acrobatics were the highlights. Salman disappointed by being just an advertisement for his TV show that he hosts. The other dances were OK!
3) Anyone-who-is-someone-to-be-seen were at a distance. You need binoculars to look at them. Thats how I ogled at my childhood heart-throb Aamir Khan, while my young ones ogled at Dhoni :D
4) You cannot watch the wonderful expressions on the faces of the players. I tried to read their lips through the binocular to see if someone was calling another one monkey or some such but no luck.
5) The atmosphere is quite charged in stadiums and its addictive
6) I even managed to whistle (oh yes, I can do that with my two fingers pressed inside the lips;) a couple of times to the chagrin of my daughters who wanted to disown me right there!
7) We blew up a lot of money on Pepsi, Burger, Water and Ice Cream.
8) Just one day before the finals, a bomb was detected and defused in one of the auditoriums near our palce. So, I found myself checking for unclaimed bags.
9) Cheerleaders are as popular as the players.
10) I missed the running commentary but my neighbour compensated by calling up someone every now and then.
On the whole, it was a different but a wonderful experience. I do not know if I can sit through a test match or an ODI, but T-20 is a quickie to be enjoyed for sure. If a person like me, whose knowledge on the subject of cricket is zilch can write so much about it, then IPL is surely a hit and finale was grand indeed


Love Tag!

First off, a big bear hug to Suma! You dont know how great it feels to be entangled in the world wide web of love tag. It feels wonderful to be loved and cared by someone whom you have never met and yet with whom there is such an emotional bonding that it feels like we have known each other for ages. Thanks Suma :)
Coming to the tag, once tagged, you have to copy paste the link in this post, add your name and make them grow! So, here it grows....
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As for spreading the love to others, I tag the following people who I know are loved a lot and yet I want them to know I love them too.
Usha, JLT, Abha, Suma, Swati, DDMom, NM, Lavs, Timepass , STS
Spread the message of love!!!


Jun 5, 2008

The one important word "I"

Usha tagged me this time. Thanks, Usha. It feels nice to be remembered. How did you know "I" like tags about "I", gee :) But yes, they are fast to do. They dont require me to think much as my world revolves around "I". So, here "I" go!

I am: a sentimental fool trying to change me-self always :)
I think: a lot! Even unnecessary petty things bother me.
I know: I need to update my blogs more often… trying trying trying…don’t give up on me yet!
I want: to be loved and liked by all and I know its not possible.
I have: hubby, kids, roti, kapda, makaan and I thank God for them all.
I wish: life was simpler.
I hate: people who are dishonest, cheeky and get away with their wrong-doings.
I miss: 24 inches waistline :(
I fear: Nostradamus predictions that world will end some day.
I feel: nostalgic when I hear the tales of their class from my daughters. A sense of déjà vu!
I hear: the mobile ring often :). Did I just let the secret out that I talk a lot!
I smell: the monsoons approaching. I want the rains soon in Mumbai.
I crave: for praises. You can try them on me ;)
I search: for a pen when someone calls. That’s precisely the time it gets lost!
I wonder: how fast the time flies!
I regret: not taking up Bharatanatyam more seriously.
I love: living.
I ache: for those fighting for their bread and butter but I believe in Karma too.
I care: that others should not end up getting hurt by my words or deeds even at the cost of my own hurt!
I am not: as simple and carefree as I seem to be.
I believe: in God.
I dance: even if someones watching and I DON’T CARE! :)
I sing: fine enough.
I cry: while watching sad flicks.
I don’t always: scream. Just when I get mad and that happens only 18 hrs in a day.
I fight: a lot. Ask hubby. Ask my bro.
I write: horribly. My handwriting is atrocious.
I win: or not, I am ready to play.
I lose: but I don’t give up easily.
I never: fall back on promises.
I always: need people around me.
I confuse: everyone around me successfully.
I listen: with my heart.
I can usually be found: in the form of a potato on the couch!
I am scared: of slow death.
I need: someone to encourage me always. I lack confidence. Probably Usha guessed it and tagged me ;)
I am happy about: what I am.

And "I" pass on this tag to JLT, Abha, Suma and Somethingtosay
So, get going girls. Time to think about "U" again!


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