Apr 15, 2014

Just like that

I dont know why I am writing here again after 5 years. Maybe a wake up call by my brother who just commented on my first post.
Maybe sometimes I just need to write for myself. What a liar I am! If I had to write for meself I would write a diary, not post it on web.
Most of my blog friends have stopped writing too. Time always gives an excuse for everything and everyone to move on. And since time is ever changing, we must chnge too no?
But let me try one last time to revive the blog :)
Actually my main issue is that I am scared of publishing my personal details on web. And so the topics I can write on become very restricted. I think twice whether I should write something or not. Some of you may be laughing at me but well thats the phobic me ! I am scared and suspicious and cynical of a lot of things and people.
Anyway, as a general update, my fil expired a few days back and this has been my first close encounter with death. He was suffering for a month and my initial shock and pain gave way... to prayer for releiving him of his pain. Now a new phobia has bitten me. Fear of old age. I need to get into Vedantam seriously now.
And life moves on. Younger one getting ready to get into college. Older one ready to move out of college. How time flies.
On that note wishing that I continue blogging. Ta!


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