Sep 24, 2007

Of Nicks and Names

Lots of tags pending! Let me try to finish one!
Tagged by Swati on nicks that I use for my kids. I guess I am one of the oldest moms around, having a small-girl-turning-into-a-young-teenager and a younger one who just landed on 2 digits! And yet, a child remains a child in the eyes of the parent. I still cuddle my younger one, I still kiss my older one to her disdain and still call them names. Ofcourse the names, the shades and the styles vary as per the mood. How, you ask? Here, I go.

1. When I was the new mom in the town: Gosh, this might be embarrassing for my little girls but they have no choice, do they? After all, they did respond to them, didn’t they? Their eyes did lighten up on being called thus, didn’t they? They loved hearing it as much as I loved calling them!! I called them Kashkamulla and Gompugompa! No, they are not ancient Arabic or African names. They are names without any rhyme or reason. Infact, my hubby was the one who coined them!
2. Based on their looks: My D1 was called Dimpy Kutti – the reason being obvious, she has dimples and kutti was just to make that a formal name. Btw, this kutti is tamil kutti (young girl) and not the hindi one!!! My D2 was called Purva Chaterjee… why? Because her eyebrows meet and they are called Puruvam in Tamil. Chaterjee sounded just right there!
3. Bunty or Babli: Yes, that’s the combined one for the occasions when they both gang up against me! Next the question comes up as to who would be Bunty and who Babli and before I know, a wrestling match begins between them…. And wicked momma has succeeded in her divide-and-rule policy hahahaha (wicked laughter)
4. Influence of animals: Yerumai, Kazhudai, Panni, Naye! These are the names to remind them that momma is upset and they better get ready with the defence. Incidentally Yerumai means buffalo, Kazhudai translates as donkey, Panni is for pig and Naye is dog in tamil. Now, now, please don’t lecture me on the dos and donts of a good mummy. Someday soon I will learn to control my tongue. Yes, I am practicing it! Till then, please bear with me, my little ones!
5. Take a spoonful of Paati/ Ammamma from kitchen, Thatha from his locker, Uncles from their distant locations and you have Sundakka (cant translate it, someone help, please), sakkarai (sugar), pattu (silk), vairam (diamond), muttu (pearl), Aalu (potato) and so on!

Ofcourse, times have changed now. Kids are growing. Its time to call them with their decent names. But let me tell you, I loved doing this tag. It took me back on the memory lane! Infact most of your blogs do just that. I guess I am the last person to finish the homework, as always. So, noone remains to be tagged,
Maybe Usha and HipHopGmom can share something from their memories, but yes, no compulsions!


Anonymous,  September 24, 2007 at 2:22 PM  

wow! nice nicks..I loved kashkamulla and gompugompa very much; How imaginative..I liked dimpy kutti too :)

Usha September 24, 2007 at 5:02 PM  

you know naikutti, kazhudaikutti etc sound very chellam but the minute you use their adult versions they sound abusive.
Nice one...these are petnames for children right? I think I'll write about all the kids in my family as I do not remember many of siddhu's petnames now.

Just Like That September 25, 2007 at 12:35 PM  

ROFL. I knew you could be trusted to come up with a laugh! hahahaha at the pet(?) names? Truly pet names- pet donkey, pet erumai, pet kazhuthai, pet panni, pet naayi ROFLMAO!!
Too bad I couldn't see Dimpi kutti and Purva Chatterjee.. Next time, for sure!

Honey, you bin tagged! Hardly does one get over, before the next one crops up!

WhatsInAName September 25, 2007 at 2:27 PM  

Oh! LOL thanks for agreeing with my choices!

Please do that. I await your post eagerly :) I am sure you will come up with some real original ones!

Hmm sure, dear. I shall get Dimpi and Purva to meet you next time :)
And yes, the tag !!! Will take it. I have lost count of pending ones now!

timepass September 25, 2007 at 6:04 PM  

gompugompa... What an invention..LOL

Swati September 25, 2007 at 10:16 PM  

hahhahha..bunty and babli :D and Purva Chaterjee...for chaterjee sound just right :)

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