Dec 15, 2007

Yours Wierdly

Long long ago, so long ago that noone knows how long ago... I was tagged by Parul to write about 7 weird things about me and then pass the tag to 7 more people. If weirdness and quirkiness is same, I have done it, yes yes... but then Usha and Lavs felt that I wasnt being honest enough.

So let me come to the point straight and try to be as honest as possible without scaring the people around.
1) When I was small, I used to eat the foams of soap. Please feel free to say "yuck". I think there must be some vitamin deficiency... or maybe since we did not have any TV soaps way back then.
2) I am capable of chewing my nails to the extent of bleeding them. Sadist you say? Even I wonder! And well the scarier the movie, the bloodier my nails!
3) I like the cream of milk even if its floats after the coffee has become cold. Weird I am!
4) I am an impatient soul. Now, if you say "that not weird enough", read on. Once in hurry, I put my kurta inside out and started to office... realised it before I walked out of my colony and rushed back. Phew! Once I even stepped out in my home slippers.
5) If the above points havent put you off, here comes one more. I have black tongue. I do not want to believe but I have sensed it sometimes that what I say comes almost true. I need to be very very careful.
6) Now heres a physical weirdity. My hands and legs are very thin and small as compared to my height and weight. My younger daughter is able to wear my slippers! She is 10 and I am in 30s. Imagine that!
7) I cant think of any more... Will get back and update it. Dont want to draft it and sleep on it for a month more.
As for passing on the tag, I tag all who are reading this, I doubt how many remain! Lavs, a spl mention for you, since you say noone tags you :)


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