Feb 21, 2008

To beat the lie with truth

Has anyone seen the latest Sprite Ad? Its too wicked but I couldnt help grinning.
For all those who have not seen it yet...
Scene 1
The ad starts with a girl with a come-hither look trying to coax her man not to go. But the man gives a grin and leaves her with an excuse that he needs to meet his second girlfriend, to which the girl offers her sweetest of giggles and gives him a mock fight. All is well and he zooms off.
Scene 2
Another girl is waiting for her man and as he enters she gives him an irritated look asking his whereabouts and whether he was with RIA. To this, the guy asks "how do you know". He happens to be the same guy who was in scene 1. The girl bats her eyelids and gives him a smile that says stop-joking-i-know-you!
The boy drinks his Sprite and gives the audience a wicked smile!
Now now, is that beating the lies with truth or beating the truth with lies? :)


Feb 20, 2008

Just Curious

I have been nicknamed "the winking one".
The reason being that my right eye has been twitching and twitching and twitching. Its a recent development. I mean I have had this experience earlier but never was it carried forward to days and days. Sometimes the eye-twitches to the extent of me looking like a Lalita Pawar of yore. Gives a wicked appearance overall.
Tried everything to stop it. Washed the eyes with water. Patted it. No effect!
I believe that eye twitch has something to do with good luck ( thats the thing I want to hear too.. I hope you got the point ;) The Lady Luck has kept me waiting for long now.
Will it be a new saree or dress? A lottery? hmmm a long vacation?
My friend says its just plain acidity and I need to cut down on my beloved KAAPI! Gawd, how cruel can people be!


Feb 13, 2008

I am a Material Girl

Oh yes, I am! Its a typical Indian trait they say that we dont throw things away. We repair them, we squeeze every bit of our hard earned money out of anything and everthing... be it furniture, dress, utensils. And that doesnt make me one bit embarrassed. I am proud of it. And sometimes with time, when we do need to give them away or simply dispose them off, it takes away a part of us. But still there are a few things that have managed to stick with me over the years, and JLT, tagged me to let the world know about them.
So here I go :)
1) A bunch of cards/autograph book that transport me back to my college days. Those were the days when luckily Archies was a bit too costly and we were a bit too conscious to buy readymade cards. In order to impress each other, we used to let our creativity run wild, decorate the cards with all kinds of one liners and fill them with colours. The result of such efforts could not end in the dustbins, could they? So, they stayed. Its been a long time since I went through them and I guess I will do that right away after this post :) ... to relive the carefreeness of a teenager.
2) A dressing table that was given to me by my parents but which had come in my life when I was 10. It has withstood the test of time and although the mirror has lost its silver at places, it reminds me of that awkward little girl who spoke to herself for hours, and kept insisting to the mirror that she was indeed the prettiest girl around. Ah! those were some days! :)
3) A fairly new acquisition for me but a lifetime of memory for my inlaws in the form of a wooden cupboard which has six deep pockets where only a hand can go in, and 3 sections. The deep pockets have some secret hidden divisions too. It reminds me of the Nancy Drew books and I only wish I was younger to dream of some secret treasure maps there which I discover accidentally...lol.
4) Some of the books that remind me of my student years. I have carefully stuck the label that says Miss so-and-so, such-and-such prize, class so-and-so. I only hope it acts as a motivation to my kids.
5) My Inlaws Photo album that never ceases to amaze my children. "How young and beautiful paati looks", "how funny is thatha's trouser", "why are you wearing your saree over your tummy, paati?", "Thatha, was your hair really this black? and what a style" :) I have carefully scanned the snaps and made an online album for the same. Somethings are too precious to be lost. The same for the marriage album of my parents!
6) One of the newest in my collections is that sexy satin nightie that I had shyly and secretively bought for my marriage...lol.. and which I have outgrown long long ago. Maybe someday I will be able to fit back into it.

Hey JLT, I loved doing this tag, believe me. I wonder why memories become more and more priceless with time :) I wonder who remains to do the tag.
Dame, Suma, Lavs, Timepass, if you have not taken this up already, please do, its a wonderful experience!


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