Jan 30, 2008

Back in action

That was a hectic month for me. Too much happened in too little a time.
First a sudden vacation. With a kid who is about to enter into the world of competitions, holidays was last thing on our mind but when an opportunity came knocking at our doors, we could not resisit and off we went for a 10 day trip to HongKong. I love travelling and seeing new places, meeting new people though my better half likes those lazy holidays where you can just relax and relax and relax....
Hongkong was a good experience. It requires another dedicated post which I shall try doing asap.
Back from the vacation and the preparations started for arangetram of my daughters. Yes, both my daughters are now graduates in Bharatanatyam :) The function was a super duper success and the kids did much better than I expected them to. There were times I felt I was pushing them too much, there were times I doubted their capabilities (and I feel awful about it), there were times I wondered whether I rushed into things... but the way the kids danced has made me a proud mother. I am beaming from ear to ear :) Hopefully its a good start for them and I hope they get good opportunities to learn more and showcase their talent.
OK so I am back and I see I have loads to catch up on.
BTW it felt very nice when some of you enquired my whereabouts ... I felt so wanted. Thank you all for making me feel special.


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