Dec 15, 2007

Yours Wierdly

Long long ago, so long ago that noone knows how long ago... I was tagged by Parul to write about 7 weird things about me and then pass the tag to 7 more people. If weirdness and quirkiness is same, I have done it, yes yes... but then Usha and Lavs felt that I wasnt being honest enough.

So let me come to the point straight and try to be as honest as possible without scaring the people around.
1) When I was small, I used to eat the foams of soap. Please feel free to say "yuck". I think there must be some vitamin deficiency... or maybe since we did not have any TV soaps way back then.
2) I am capable of chewing my nails to the extent of bleeding them. Sadist you say? Even I wonder! And well the scarier the movie, the bloodier my nails!
3) I like the cream of milk even if its floats after the coffee has become cold. Weird I am!
4) I am an impatient soul. Now, if you say "that not weird enough", read on. Once in hurry, I put my kurta inside out and started to office... realised it before I walked out of my colony and rushed back. Phew! Once I even stepped out in my home slippers.
5) If the above points havent put you off, here comes one more. I have black tongue. I do not want to believe but I have sensed it sometimes that what I say comes almost true. I need to be very very careful.
6) Now heres a physical weirdity. My hands and legs are very thin and small as compared to my height and weight. My younger daughter is able to wear my slippers! She is 10 and I am in 30s. Imagine that!
7) I cant think of any more... Will get back and update it. Dont want to draft it and sleep on it for a month more.
As for passing on the tag, I tag all who are reading this, I doubt how many remain! Lavs, a spl mention for you, since you say noone tags you :)


Nov 24, 2007

Indian Author Tag

Me and my tendency to procrastinate. When the whole world is up and buzzing, I wake up ever so gently. Yes, I have 206 lazy bones. I have been desperately trying to shake them and wake them, but the mass of fat that has accumulated around them only makes the situation worse.

I am digressing! So, coming to the tag, I have never been a voracious reader. Oh I love reading but my last 10 years have been totally devoted to the family and the needs plus the career building. Its only recently that the interest has been revived, infact favourably towards Indian Authors writing in english. With such a limited knowledge about authors, I am not the right person to write on this tag. Maybe I will just mention the few books that have impressed me. And yes, let me also mention in the passing that I am a pure and pure fiction reader. I stay away from self-help books (Robin Sharma, I am sorry!) as also philosophical ones. Swati, I am sorry for being so late. By the way, please come back to the world of blogging. I am missing you!

1. What woke me up was the latest novel by Shashi Tharoor that I am reading. Its called The Five Dollar Smile. Its a collection of short stories that he wrote while he was still in adolescence and early adulthood. Some of them beautifully bring out the mood of 70's. I havent yet finished the book but the story that has touched me the most is titled "The Pyre", and this deals with the trauma that a friend goes through after he survives an accident, wherein his friend died a young and tragic death.
I have heard good words about Shashi and his books, "The Riot" and "The Great Indian Novel" as well. Am yet to pick them up.
2. Chitra Banerjee Devakaruni. Till date, I have read 2 of her books. Sister of My Heart and Arranged Marriage. The first one is a novel that revolves around the lives of 2 girls who are brought up in the same home... their love for each other, the sacrifices, the trials, the tribulations. The second book is a collection of short stories. The stories have given the phrase "part and parcel" a new meaning for me, I felt part and parcel of them. I plan to read "Mistress of Spice" soon.
3. Shobha De: One of the most controversial authors, known for all wrong reasons and yet I have loved her Speedpost. Its basically a collection letters from her to her 6 children. It was hard for me to imagine a page-3 personality being a dutiful mom, but read it to believe it. I have liked "Spouse" too. One more I have read, of whose name I cant recollect. It was again a collection of short stories but i found it too provocative and lascivious.
4. Manju Kapoor: The only novel by her that I have read is “Home” and I found it a good read. Its light, it deals with all Indian emotions, and its something I could relate with.
5. Anita Nair: The only novel I have read by her and loved is Ladies Coupe. It beautifully describes the quest, the discovery, the celebration of being a woman. Can a woman not survive alone in this Man’s world? Such a simple question and such a beautiful answer by Anita.
6. Satyajit Ray: No, I haven’t been lucky enough to learn Bengali and read his masterpieces but I have read some translations and I can only imagine how good the original would be. His characters like Professor Shonku and Feluda are so far ahead of their time. They may sound very normal in todays world but lets not forget the time when this book was written. I can only marvel at his ability to think scientifically and write beautifully…. A rare combination.

The books that did not appeal much to my sensibilities. Blame it on my low IQ/EQ/RQ (Reader’s quotient!!!)
Inheritance of Loss by Kiran Desai.
Weight Loss by Upamanyu Chaterjee
Holy Cow by Susan McDonald (Not an Indian author but this is based in India!)

My wishlist? Other than some of the books I mentioned above, I have heard a lot about Abdul Kalam’s wings of fire. Then, Rohinton Mistry and his “fine balance”. Then ofcourse, I have made note of all the books that I have read in some of the blogs here.
In any case, do let me know if there is some book you strongly reco.


Nov 22, 2007

Reality Check

As I grow older I realize that

  1. 1. Honesty may not be the best policy. But if you still want to go ahead, you should know how to do sweet talk.
  2. 2. Good feelings need to converted into words, especially if you are dealing with elders. Its people who are vocal, who get all the awards.
  3. 3. Expectations to be kept to minimum. Life is not a fairy tale as you thought when you were young.
  4. 4. Familiarity breeds contempt. You need a break once in a while to value others,and let them value you.
  5. 5. If you want, you can find faults with EVERYTHING someone does. Yes, all the plus points somehow vanish in the air at such times.
  6. 6. Its so difficult to admit that "I am wrong". It takes guts and courage and maybe some tears.

OK OK. I had some tiff today morning. It’s a bad hair day and my blog seems the only place where I can vent my feelings.
Sorry, if I am sounding low and morose.

Meanwhile, JLT thanks for the award that I am proudly displaying :)

My thank you speech is on its way and its high time I try to live upto the award


Oct 25, 2007

Its Deepavali Time Folks

2 weeks to go. Its that time of the year again

>> when you have to start cleaning the place called your home, which some others may mistake to be a stable. Some of you might even think of painting the walls which have been hitherto used as a canvas by your children. Some of you need to change the drapes and curtains which have been used as a hand towel by your maid. Then excavation to be done on the layers of dust accumulated on everything around. The family of spiders that spins so many cobwebs for you needs to be told to shift elsewhere. Phew!!! lots to do!
>> when you need to start planning on the sweets, the farsans and the crispies to make to delight your family and your friends. Especially your MIL and your neighbor (its surprising how they both can be made as part of the same group at times) should not be in a position to find any fault or brag that their tidbits are better. Of course, these days there is the option to order for them too. So, maybe you can do that and claim that you have made it.
>> when you need to plan your budget. After all, you need to pay Diwali bonus to your maid, your driver, your milkman, your dhobi, your watchman, your cablewala, your liftman, your child’s school-bus driver, your office boy, your associations, your what nots and the list goes on.
>> when you start wishing you had learnt tailoring. You have bought your saree one month in advance and yet not a single tailor is agreeing to give it on time. You are just short of falling on your knees and paying anything he charges but … you propose and tailor disposes!

But still at the end of it all, comes the light - the festival to perk up the mood, the festival that many of us look forward to. I do wish we do not use too many crackers and pollute the air. I do wish that when I buy something new, I can buy some for people who cannot afford it. I wish I can spread smiles.

Lots to do. Time to pull up my socks.


Quirky I Am

My Diwali resolution is to finish all the tags. Frankly I don’t even remember how many tags remain. I should have maintained the list like some other intelligent girls here did. But then let me start off and please do remind me if I missed yours. Sorry, but it was unintentional. I am like that!
To begin with, my quirks. This tag was passed by Lavs. Ideally I should take it up in the end because by the end of this, readers would probably decide I need a shrink. But let me tell you, these are momentary quirkiness. I am very normal and calm person otherwise. Ask my hubby… errrr… no, you better ask my children… uhhh… I think no need to ask! Just read on.

~ I love to play with my hair when I am deep in thought. When I was young, I even used to bite the ends.
~ I cannot sit still. Either I sway as in trance, or my legs shake or atleast my toes. I have been frowned upon by many for this but its involuntary, believe me. Sadly, I am passing the habit to my kids as well.
~ I get disoriented easily, especially if someone is boring me to death. I can go on looking indulgently at someone and while the poor souls are glad for my sympathetic ears, I would have tuned myself out. Not that I don’t get caught. My brother had given up on me. He used to keep insisting that I repeat what he said. With time, I have surely improved.
~ I don’t know if I can call it being quirky but then I get obsessed with anything easily. And get bored equally fast too. Nothing is in moderation for me. Its too much or too less.

Not that I cant think of any more but then I cant type long posts!!! Another quirkiness, you bet!
As for passing on the tag, the best or the worst part about my tags are I am generally the last of the lot to take it up. So, noone remains. But if any of you hasn’t taken it up, please do. Please make me feel part of the sane crowd.


Oct 18, 2007

Bommai Kolu

During Navratri, it is a tradition in many homes in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh to arrange a "kolu". This is like an exhibition of various dolls in odd numbered steps ("padis"). The kolus could be the elaborate, extravagant ones to the simple, traditional and artistic ones. It is important that the Navarathri Kolu is set up with an odd number ofsteps (usually 7, 9, or 11). Some homes have the tradition of keeping a “Kalasam”. Kalasam is a brass or silver pot filled with water and adorned with mango leaves. A "kuthuvilakku" (lamp) is lit, "kolam"(Rangoli) are made before the Kolu and devotional hymns and slokas are chanted. After performing poojas, the food items that have been prepared, are offered to the Goddesses.
Girls and ladies are invited and they are given prasad (the offering given to God that day), kumkum (red powder), and a small bag of gifts usually containing a mirror, a comb, a small box of kumkum, and fruits. This is also called tamboolam. This is a woman's festival. Celebration of being a woman :)
The dolls kept in the Kolu are mostly those of the Gods and Goddesses depicting mythology. Common ones being Dasavatharam, Ashta Lakshmi. Ramar Pattabhishekam, Meenakshi Thirukalyanam, Murugan and Valli, Krishna in Aayarpaadi etc. A wooden pair of doll (Marapaachi - a pair of a boy and girl), are also kept as these dolls indicate fertility. Kolu does not mean that the dolls are kept only on the steps. Themes such as marriage, school, park, zoo add to the fun and creativity.
On the 9th day (Saraswathi Pooja), books and musical instruments are placed in the pooja and worshipped. Tools are also placed in the pooja - as part of "Ayudha Pooja". Vehicles are washed and decorated, and poojas are performed for them.The 10th day - "Vijayadasami" - is the most auspicious day of all. New ventures and any event started on this day are believed to flourish and bring prosperity. Children are made to write their first alphabet on this day -also called Vidya- Arambham. New art like music, dance etc are started. Proper respect and guru dakshina is offered to the teachers.
At night, after Arti, any one doll is symbolically put to sleep and the Kalasam is moved a bit towards North. The next day, the golu is dismantled and packed up for the next year, and believe me this is the toughest job. Its easy setting the Kolu up but packing is difficult.

So, here I summed the 9 days, that signify so much. Let me know if I missed something.All said and done, I am yet to figure out why the dolls are worshipped and why only on odd number of steps. Answers from anyone?


Oct 17, 2007

Happy Navratri!

Been away and missed all of you. FIL was hospitalised. His Gall Bladder has to be removed next month. We are all worried and praying. I just hope, at 82, he is able to take it.
In the midst of all this came the joyful festival of Navratri to give us some respite. This is one of my favourite times. Even though it becomes hectic, it gives me a reason to socialise in this otherwise mechanical life. All 9 days, I call all my lady friends and give them haldi-kumkum and prasad. Some of them claim that they see me only this time of the year. Sad but true!

Heres a glimpse of the way we celebrate the occasion by worshiping dolls. Will write a post on this. As of now, here are some snaps.

And before I forget, thanks a lot Lavanya, for guidance on "how to change the blog looks". :)


Sep 27, 2007

Hockey, the poor sibling of Cricket!

Chak De India releases.
Some life is instilled into the lost sport called Hockey which incidentally is our national game too. India wins the Asia cup and atleast now people are aware. Media gives some coverage to the game.

India wins the T-20 world cup in Cricket.
Hockey is sidelined again. Cricket hijacks the song, the star (Shah Rukh) and even the mood!

No, I am not against the game of cricket. Infact I am not a sports person at all.
Its the treatment meted out to the hockey players that I feel sorry for. While the cricket heroes have been assured of lakhs, flats, cars and what not, the hockey heroes were apparently not even sent a congratulatory message by our dear politicians. Please read this for details.

Agreed that cricket is more popular a game but then the least that can be done is to keep politics out of it. Public may support one game over the other but why is the government interfering? If the cricketeers need money and encouragement, so do our hockey players.
I only wish hockey isnt given the stepmotherly treatment that it is being subjected to.


Tags Galore!

I have been tagged by hihopgmom and this one is very very different! There are 3 rules.Rule 1. The rules must be mentioned in the beginning of the tag.Rule 2 You must list one fact that is somehow relevant to your life for each letter of your middle name. If you don’t have a middle name, use the middle name you would have liked to have had.Rule 3. At the end of your blog post, you need to choose one person for each letter of your middle name to tag. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.I don’t have a middle name. There are lots of middle names that I would have loved. Infact I am one of those who is not really proud of my first name. I don’t like it much, but then there are some things in life you just get used to. Anyway, the middle name I would choose is Priya!

P: Possessiveness. Yes, this is one habit or inclination I want to get rid of. I do not get close to people easily but if I do, I get possessive about them – be it my hubby or my best friend or even my children, to the extent of being unable to share them with others. Same goes with some of the materials. I cant share them even with hubby!

R: Reliable. My friends say that I am a reliable friend. I am there when they need me and I have the gift of patient ears and a cushion shoulder for them to cry on!

I: Impulsive. I do most things on impulse. Talk of jumping to conclusions and it happens so many times with me. Talk of going for a casual walk and come back loaded with shopping bags, and that’s me! But then again, I am trying to get into the habit of looking before I leap. It is not good to be impulsive about everything!

Y: Young-at-heart. Yes, I am. There are still so many things I want to learn. I like the company
of young people. I like to enjoy each day and celebrate life.

A: Amusing. I like people who are fun loving, who are amusing and who are humorous. I like battle of wits. There is no point in taking life seriously. “Noone comes out alive anyway” :)

OK, now as per Rule 3, I need to pass this tag to 5 people. Let me call upon NM, Swati, Aargee, Timepass and DDmom
Girls, out with it now! :)


Sep 24, 2007

Of Nicks and Names

Lots of tags pending! Let me try to finish one!
Tagged by Swati on nicks that I use for my kids. I guess I am one of the oldest moms around, having a small-girl-turning-into-a-young-teenager and a younger one who just landed on 2 digits! And yet, a child remains a child in the eyes of the parent. I still cuddle my younger one, I still kiss my older one to her disdain and still call them names. Ofcourse the names, the shades and the styles vary as per the mood. How, you ask? Here, I go.

1. When I was the new mom in the town: Gosh, this might be embarrassing for my little girls but they have no choice, do they? After all, they did respond to them, didn’t they? Their eyes did lighten up on being called thus, didn’t they? They loved hearing it as much as I loved calling them!! I called them Kashkamulla and Gompugompa! No, they are not ancient Arabic or African names. They are names without any rhyme or reason. Infact, my hubby was the one who coined them!
2. Based on their looks: My D1 was called Dimpy Kutti – the reason being obvious, she has dimples and kutti was just to make that a formal name. Btw, this kutti is tamil kutti (young girl) and not the hindi one!!! My D2 was called Purva Chaterjee… why? Because her eyebrows meet and they are called Puruvam in Tamil. Chaterjee sounded just right there!
3. Bunty or Babli: Yes, that’s the combined one for the occasions when they both gang up against me! Next the question comes up as to who would be Bunty and who Babli and before I know, a wrestling match begins between them…. And wicked momma has succeeded in her divide-and-rule policy hahahaha (wicked laughter)
4. Influence of animals: Yerumai, Kazhudai, Panni, Naye! These are the names to remind them that momma is upset and they better get ready with the defence. Incidentally Yerumai means buffalo, Kazhudai translates as donkey, Panni is for pig and Naye is dog in tamil. Now, now, please don’t lecture me on the dos and donts of a good mummy. Someday soon I will learn to control my tongue. Yes, I am practicing it! Till then, please bear with me, my little ones!
5. Take a spoonful of Paati/ Ammamma from kitchen, Thatha from his locker, Uncles from their distant locations and you have Sundakka (cant translate it, someone help, please), sakkarai (sugar), pattu (silk), vairam (diamond), muttu (pearl), Aalu (potato) and so on!

Ofcourse, times have changed now. Kids are growing. Its time to call them with their decent names. But let me tell you, I loved doing this tag. It took me back on the memory lane! Infact most of your blogs do just that. I guess I am the last person to finish the homework, as always. So, noone remains to be tagged,
Maybe Usha and HipHopGmom can share something from their memories, but yes, no compulsions!


Sep 12, 2007

And if you thought...

Multani Mitti was a good face pack for YOUR skin only, think again.
Read this

Let me pick up a few lines from there.
"The Taj Mahal is being saved from the corrosive effects of industrial pollution by an ancient face-pack recipe - a blend of soil, cereal, milk and lime once used by Indian women to beautify their skin.
The sticky brown mixture is smeared on the smut-stained marble surfaces of the 17th- century Mogul tomb and washed off with warm water after 24 hours.
The formula - based on a method discovered in a 16th- century Mogul journal, Ain-I-Akbary - has proved to have such restorative qualities that it is now being exported to Italy to clean grimy monuments there."

I read the news in TOI frontpage today and googled for the same. It made a lot of sense.
Now we know for sure that there is a lot of research behind all those home-made therapies and treatments. These are time tested and can do wonders.
So, let me go and grab that face pack and become the eigth wonder of the world!!!


Sep 11, 2007

What do I do?

OK I have had enough! Its becoming a routine now. Its almost an expected and a planned event. You know you are heading for it and still cant do anything about it. You have tried all routes possible and yet cant seem to avoid it. So, when you cant beat them, join them, said... said... I dont know who said that. But it makes a lot of sense now.
Yes, that monster called traffic jam is waiting at every nook and corner of the road to gobble you. No, you cant escape it. Oh yes, go ahead, go ahead and try that alternate route. You think others are not smart? They are there before you, dear and there you have another monster. OK you have one way to beat it. Try starting for your office a few hrs earlier. Say 4 hrs before your office starts. Maybe you can help the office boy to set the office up!
But if thats not possible, you have to think of ways to be prepared to deal with it.. hmmm. Here are a few tips and tricks to pass your time (if you are alone)
1. Do some yoga and meditation.
2. Catch up with your friends. After all what are mobiles for?
3. Peek into others cars. Try to analyse the story of others lives. Where they could be heading? What do they do for earning the bread, butter and JAM!
4. If its daytime, maybe you can look at the cloud formations, or birds flying... maybe it inspires you to write a poem!
5. ...... please help me fill this... what else can be done when stuck in a soup... sorry I mean a jam!!!

That brings me to a question.... why is it called traffic jam? why not traffic butter? why not traffic cheese? Maybe then it would have been smoother... as smooth as a butter!!! Sigh!!


Aug 31, 2007

Sweet Innocent Childhood

My daughter at 2 : Loved sweeping, mopping, washing utensils
"I want to grow up and become a HOUSEMAID"

My daughter at 3 : Just when she started her school
"I want togrow up and become a TEACHER"

My daughter at 4: After a visit to the supermarket
"I want to grow up and become a SALESGIRL"

My daughter at 5: After a ride in the bus.
"I want to grow up and become a CONDUCTOR"

My daughter at 6: Just after getting off from the lift.
"I want to grow up and become a LIFTMAN"

My daughter at 7: After seeing a documentary on astronauts.
"I want to grow up and become a SPACE TRAVELLER"

My daughter at 8: Seeing the models walking the ramp.
"I want to grow up and become MISS INDIA"

My daughter at 9: After draping me with dupatta.
"I want to grow up and become a FASHION DESIGNER"

My daughter at 10 now: Sees Indian Idol.
"I want to grow up and become an INDIAN IDOL"

God, just let her be happy with whatever she chooses to be in life.


Aug 25, 2007

Issues of Shoes!

Hubby took my FIL to Doctors yesterday. When it took him longer than normal to return, I called up and this is the conversation that followed.

Hubby: Hullo
Me: Hi, where are you? Isnt the check up done?
Hubby: Yeah, it is.
Me: Oh, then are you driving back? Listen I need 1 kg potato.
Hubby: No, I haven’t started yet.
Me: Then? Buying medicines?
Hubby: No, I am in the shoe shop!
Me: Shoe Shop?
Hubby: Yeah, someone stole my shoe!
Hubby: I had left it outside the clinic. (This is an eye clinic and the doc insists that people take off their shoes before entering his sanitized domain) I don’t know HOW but when I came out, I saw them missing and instead someone had left his old pair of shoes behind. So, I trotted down to the nearest shoe shop and just bought another pair.
Me (laughing): Why did you keep the shoes there?
Hubby (irritated): Arre, did I have a choice or what?
Me: Why does this happen to YOU only? You bought the shoe only last month, remember?
Hubby: OK OK, I am driving now (which I doubt.. he just wanted me to shut up..:)
Me: OK!

BTW, the last pair of shoes he lost was at a temple. He had gone to attend a function of a family friend . Trying to be extra smart, he chose a well hidden spot behind a shrub to keep his shoes. The shoe-thief was no less. He must be having good olfactory modality. He smelt the shoes, yes he did. If the thief is reading it, I must advise him that we need more like him on our police force. Maybe he should apply there.
Anyway, so the thief neatly put his own shoes there and took my hubbys away!

Then there was that incident when someone had an identity crisis recognizing her slippers and took away my MILs, outside a house where we went for haldi kumkum!

So, whats the moral of the story?
Ring in the new but don’t ring out the old. Keep an old pair of shoes for some SPECIAL occasions!


Aug 23, 2007

Of Hindi and the verbs

I have never been a good student of any language, as is evident from my posts. I am a tamilian by birth, but can carry a conversation, thats it. I am brought up in Delhi and had so many Punjabi friends but never ever tried to learn Punjabi. Now in Mumbai, and I am still struggling with Marathi. I have scored decent marks in English, Hindi and Sanskrit (my third optional language), but never have I seen those brilliant numbers. I have been more inclined towards maths and sciences.

Recently, while going over Hindi with my daughter, I was back to that nagging question for which I never tried to find any answer and never got any.
I tried to compare the 4 languages I know (including sanskrit).
I have observed that in English, we do not associate gender to the verb. So, he is coming, she is coming, bus is coming, rain is coming. Thank God for that!
In Tamil and Sanskrit, we have genders with verbs, but then there are 3 genders - masculine, feminine and neutral. So, "avan varan" (he is coming), "aval varaal" (she is coming), "bus varudu" (bus is coming). In case of inanimate objects, we have the third option.
I get stuck when it comes to Hindi. There is gender in verbs but there is no third gender. Is Bus masculine or feminine? What about Chair? "Bus aa raha hai" or "Bus aa rahi hai" (Bus is coming)? If "Baarish ho rahi hai" (its raining but with feminine verb) then why is it "Paani baras raha hai" (again its raining but with the usage of the word water and masculine verb). “Mobile baja” or “mobile baji” (Mobile rang)?
Reminds me of the hilarious issue raked up in the movie Chupke Chupke… on the difference in pronunciation of “cut”, “but” and “put” even though they all are spelt the same way!

Any Hindi teacher around? How do I correct my kids when I don’t have my basics right?


Aug 12, 2007


I love seeing photographs. They have very good effect on our mind by refreshing it. Infact, they help in increasing the memory power as you try to recollect what had happened then. They are good for eyes too and help them sparkle and shine up. They help in blood circulation by making the adrenalin pump. They give an exercise to the facial muscle since you are bound to smile and smiling is very good for your face. They also help you realize the content of fat in your body, so you get motivation to take appropriate action.
I do not know the statistics but I distinctly remember reading somewhere that in any snap, majority of the people concentrate on their own picture. I certainly belong to that category. Try as I might, I end up judging myself in the snap. If I look good (which is rare), suddenly the whole world looks beautiful to me – the sun, the sky, the sofa, the walls everything!!! If I don’t look nice (as in most of the cases), I decide that the camera is awful and lights were bad. If the fat is showing everywhere, it is obvious that the angle of the shot was wrong. If I am looking dark (Fair and Lovely does not work!), the colour of the dress I am wearing is the culprit. All in all, after looking at myself in any snap, I come out enlightened.
I think I am not abnormal. I think most of us are the same. But does that mean I have to thrust my photo album in the hands of a poor guest the moment he enters my house? Would he really be interested in what I did on 24th of May 1997 in my cousins house-warming ceremony? Unless I know him closely, would he like to see my marriage album and give a comment on my aunt’s sister-in-law's father-in-law's friend?

Oh yes, there are such people around. Ushas this post reminded me of one of our old neighbours!
She is a nice dame, generally. Her hubby is nice, smiling, courteous person and they have two naughty children. They have been good neighbours whenever we wanted the kind of help we expect from a neighbour. After staying in the same locality for some years, we shifted apart.
But alas, whenever I happen to go to her house, she decides that her photos are the worlds best entertainment. Like last time when I went there, all was well for some half an hour till she decided to show me the photos of her brothers sons first birthday! Her eyes shined up and she was literally transported to some other plain. Her mother-in-law has the same interest I think. Both of them pounced upon me and my hubby and made us look and appreciate each and every pixel of the album. By the end of it, I had memorised the names of all her cousins, their sons and daughters, their mother in laws names too!
How do I tell her I AM NOT INTERESTED without sounding impolite! After all, we dont meet too often. Or, maybe I will just be sweet!!!


Aug 4, 2007

Crazy Collections!

Well, Swati, sorry for being late. You tagged me and asked me what I have a fetish for and so here I go :)

To tell you the truth, my interests keep varying with time and yet these are the few things I love collecting!

1. Perfumes! Yes, I have a mediocre collection but would not mind an endless one. So, now you know what to gift me for my birthday!
2. Sarees and dresses! I love buying new dresses and sarees. I often wonder why is it that I have nothing good to wear almost everyday.
3. Chocolates. I dont collect chocolates but I have a weakness for them. Hope my kids are not reading this.
4. Plants. Yes, I love gardening. I have 2 small balconies and I love to expand my garden more and more. How I love the greens!
5. Dolls : Now, people might think this crazy but the dolls I am talking of here are not the usual barbies. I am talking of the dolls that adorn the odd-number of steps during navratris in some of south indian homes. The occassion is called golu. I would probably write a detailed post on it sometime but yes, this festival is my most cherished one.

Talking of fetishes, I remember my childhood days when I used to collect matchboxes. Yes, I did that and had more than some 100 of them before I lost interest. Stamp collection was a craze for sometime too.
During my school college days, I had a huge card collection and I still carry some of them with me. Usha had done a wonderful post on the pain that grips you when you empty your cupboards to throw the old memories away. I have managed to keep them with me so far!

These days my latest passion is buying books. I hope I dont outgrow this one.

OK as for passing on the tag, I would call upon JLT, Usha, HHG, Dame, and all who read this to share their little weaknesses and I promise I wont tell anyone!


Jul 28, 2007

Olfactory modality

It is pouring cats and dogs in Mumbai today again and I am certainly not complaining. I love rain. Especially the first rain when the earth is scorched up by heat and then the showers come down upon them wafting the smell of wet earth. That set me thinking which are the smell that make me want to breathe long and hard.. that remind me of something, anything.. that make me wish a wish and dream a dream… or maybe I don’t even know why I like that smell.
1. I love the fragrance of wet earth. I am sure a lot many would agree to this. I don’t know what is with that muddy smell. But I know that it must be on the top-of-the-charts of all smells.
2. I love the aroma of roasted coffee beans being ground. There is this shop where I buy my regular pack of coffee powder. Everytime I go there, I am eager to rush back home and have a hot cup of filter coffee!
3. I like the smell of petrol. I am sure a lot many would say I am weird but I like the spicy (?) aroma. It’s a pity that some of us get into a spree of puking after inhaling it.. and it isnt good for health either!
4. I like the smell of Eucalyptus. It sets me dreaming of hills and greenery which are so rare these days.
5. I love the smell of henna. Again this one is very subjective and I know many who simply cant tolerate it. Its sad but then my hubby is one of them.
6. I love the smell of papyrus. I do not know how to describe it but yes I love the smell of a fresh new book just out of the print.
7. I love the smell of the soap called Hamam. It brings back to me the memories of my childhood. Although now I have shifted to Dove, but I see my father is still loyal to Hamam.
8. I love the perfume called Eternity by CK. It has nothing to do in particular with that brand. I am a perfume freak in any case. It is just that I was wearing the perfume throughout one of my trips last year and every time I wear it, I go back in time!
9. I love the smell of Johnsons baby powder and cream. It reminds me of my babies who have outgrown it now. I am reminded of some point in time when they were so tiny and dependant on me! Sigh
10. I like the smell of acetone or nail polish remover. I don’t know what its fruity odour does to me but I like it!

OK enough of my gibberish. Time for a hot cup of coffee now!


Jul 21, 2007

Homework No 1 : About judging people

Madam JLT : Hereby I submit my homework no.1 :) Please let me know if I cleared the exam! Pappu paas ho gaya kya?

Yes, I do judge people based on their behaviour. Judge is not the right word, I would say my first impression of people are based on certain observations. Its a different story that most and many a times, my views change. So, first impressions are not necessarily the last impressions, and yet there are certain habits which I loathe. I can really like someone and yet hate a particular habit of theirs! In that sense, I guess I am tolerant.
So, here they are. The habits that make me loose my patience!

  1. Not being on time : Yes, its a habit I simply cant relate to. Whether its some submission, or attending some party, or rushing to catch the train (JLT, please dont look at me like that!) Last minute rush makes me a nervous wreck, and so when I see others doing that, I feel like screaming "fire fire". OK. OK. The problem lies within me. Its time to indulge in meditation!
  2. Bragging : I certainly stay away from people who brag a lot. People who cant have enough of I's and My's in their sentences. "I did this", "I made that", "My son did this", "My daughter bought that". Oh Boy! I feel like telling them "Please come out of that well". There is a world beyond "I". There are 25 other alphabets too.
  3. Two-timing : Saying something on your face and then talking behind your back! I am wary of such people. Yes, I have met them in real life. Chameleon would feel insulted, if I called them by that name. My problem again! I trust people too much I guess.
  4. Politics: I hate people who are short of abilities and yet come up in life using their charm and other unscrupulous ways! Call me envious, if you wish, but I get disturbed when undeserving people get awards. I also know that politics is a universal concept. Yet, I wish life was simpler.
  5. Preaching: I hate nitpickers. I do not like someone standing behind my back when I am doing something. I do not like it when people decide that I am new to earth and they take upon them the onus to convert me into a normal human being.
  6. Frown: Oh well! I do not feel comfortable with such people who have a perpetual grim look on their face. I feel their negative vibes seeping into me. I feel that maybe they dont like me and that sure is not a good feeling.
  7. Complaining: Kick me for saying this but I would generally avoid the complaining kind of people - people who are just waiting to pour their woes inside the next pair of ears. I am sympathetic for them but then why cant we also discuss happy moments!

I know I can go on but I guess I will stop at 7. Suddenly, I am seeing myself in a new light. In listing the qualities I do not like, I suddenly find meaning in the statement " people who live in glass houses..." etc! Its time for some introspection now!


Jul 18, 2007

Exam Fever

Tring tring

D2: Hullo
Me: Hi sweetheart
D2: Hi Amma
Me: So, how was the day in school?
D2: Oh good, Amma.
Me: How was your exam?
D2: Nice, Amma.
Me: Only Nice?
D2: Ok. It was good. (Did she say that to oblige me?)
Me: How much do you think you will get?
D2: I did EVERYTHING RIGHT. I will get FULL Marks!
Me: Oh well.... got the point

Now I am wondering whether I should be happy and encourage this confidence or pray that she becomes more serious !


Jul 14, 2007

To ponder and wonder

Got this forwarded joke /fundas /mail (choose any!) and thought of sharing here!

LAW OF QUEUE: If you change queues, the one you have left will start to move faster than the one you are in now.
LAW OF TELEPHONE: When you dial a wrong number, you never get an engaged one.
LAW OF MECHANICAL REPAIR: After your hands become coated with grease, your nose will begin to itch.
LAW OF THE WORKSHOP: Any tool, when dropped, will roll to the least accessible corner.
LAW OF THE ALIBI: If you tell the boss you were late for work because you had a flat tire, the next morning you will have a flat tire.
BATH THEOREM: When the body is immersed in water, the telephone rings.
LAW OF ENCOUNTERS: The probability of meeting someone you know increases when you are with someone you don't want to be seen with.
LAW OF THE RESULT: When you try to prove to someone that a machine won't work, it will!
LAW OF BIOMECHANICS: The severity of the itch is inversely proportional
to the reach.
THEATRE RULE: People with the seats at the furthest from the aisle arrive last.
LAW OF COFFEE: As soon as you sit down for a cup of hot coffee, your boss will ask you to do something which will last until the coffee is cold


Jul 13, 2007

My name is Bond, Sibling Bond!

I called up my brother today. We have not fixed a timing when we call and update each other. He has his life, his wife, his kids. I have mine. I do talk to my parents on a regular basis, so am well updated with the happenings on his front. And yet, there are times I miss our heart-to-heart chats. So, sometimes, I call him up and then just ramble on. My bro is 3 yrs younger to me.

What had happened was that I had found a classmate of mine on after nearly 2 decades of having lost touch. Since, I and my bro were in the same school, he knew him. My relation with my brother cannot be termed as very affectionate. There were times we used to discuss the happenings in school and yet there were times we ended up arguing. There were times, our fights became physical too. He used to come to me to help him solve some maths problem and we would end up with a war after I lost my patience (which was and is so less in any case!). We would start playing some card game and end up with me crying as I would be the loser most of the times! He would want to listen to some music while I wanted something poles apart. Luckily we did not have cable TVs back then, else maybe we would have ended up fighting on “which program to see too”.

And yet beneath the surface, lurked that feeling called sibling bond. I have seen brothers and sisters as close as best friends, knowing everything about each other. I may not have been my bro’s best friend, but he knows that I am always there for him and vice versa. We did have our share of laughters… for no reason at times! At other times, it could be some movie, some happening in our lives, some anecdotes! There was a time he supported me when I wanted to go out with friends.

I never realized what he meant to me till the day I left my parents place to start a new life. That was the time; I suddenly found a void…something missing in my life. Even though my hubby became my father, brother, friend rolled into one, yet I missed my bro.

Over the years, the frequency of missing him has reduced. And yet when we meet once or twice a year, we rant on some common topics, we muse on our childhood days, we relive some portion of past!

I look at my two kids now - fighting away to glory at times, arguing without any reason, and complaining about each other. At other times, loving and hugging, defending each other. I am reminded of my sibling.
I just hope they can be more amicable or am I asking for too much?


Jul 7, 2007

Atithee Devo Bhava!

Our Indian culture and tradition puts a great deal of emphasis and importance to guests. Guests are next to God, they say – Atithee Devo Bhava. With changing times, its time to sit back and ponder if guests really is an equivalent word for God!

Over so many years of my life, I have discovered that there are many types of guests who can visit you.
1) Genuine guests: These are the fine breed of relatives/friends who are genuinely happy to meet you, who genuinely want to spend time with you, who would not snoop around your things or your talks, who would help you out with your increased work. Rightfully speaking, they are not exactly guests, they become part and parcel of your family.
2) Snoopy guests: This is the lousiest breed. Before they come, you have to double check all your valuables and put them under lock and key. You have to even lock your mouth shut. You have to be on your guards lest you give out something which will get twisted and forwarded!
3) Invader guests: These guests are staunch supporters of communalism. They will barge into your bedrooms without feeling even sorry about it. Would sit coolly sipping their coffee while their young ones have already converted your home into something resembling a tsunami-effected area! They will not even feel sorry when they mess up your precious Music System or get your Pc virus-ed!
4) Short-term guests: These are the guests who come for a few hours. So, you can just put up your best behavior and try to impress them. On second thoughts, do you really want to impress?
5) Long-term guests: They stay put for a long time till you start wondering, which is the politest way to bid them bye. Mostly this clan is a close relative whose son/daughter needs some place to stay in your city for “some time”.
6) Demanding guests: Some guests need and demand good amount of pampering. They demand a pickup and drop from the airport or station. They would not mind handing you the menu for the day. They would make sure they disappear when its time to cook. They would coolly leave their kids for you to baby-sit while they run away shopping. They would even borrow some of your dresses!

Well well well! I certainly am all for Atithees but then has Kaliyug changed the meaning of Atithee or has it changed me?


Jun 29, 2007

The Big Bad World

Yesterday after dinner, as is customary in my life, I started inquiring my kids about the day's happenings. My younger one suddenly became morose and tense. I could sense something was amiss. On further prodding I came to know that she had came back home from school in tears. She would not tell anyone what the reason was. Nevertheless, the stream of tears wouldnt stop. After a lot of cajoling, she finally came out with the reason.

It seems that a girl in her class is a big bully and has suddenly decided that my D would be her target for all ragging experiences. She would hit her without any reasons or some miniscule one, pull her hair, tease her for some or the other reason. It seems my daughter is not the only one, there is one more tortured soul with her. It had been happening for sometime now.

On hearing this, I started fuming inside. The mother in me could not bear to see my poor child be a subject of such a treatment. My first instinct was to somehow catch hold of the girl the next day and give her a whacking. But then the child isnt mine and neither is corporal punishment a good idea. I thought of going to the school and atleast threaten the child. I thought of complaining to the teacher. I thought of taking it up with the childs parents.

But then after cooling down I realised that I should not interfere. My hubby voiced his opinion that the parents should not interfere and the children should learn to deal all this among themselves. I am all for this ... as long as it is within limits. Physical abuse is certainly beyond that limit. And yet, I know he is right. How long will I go on protecting my child? She should learn to stand up against such treatment. She should learn to fight back. Its not without a reason that they say that experience is the best teacher.

So, I have advised her to voice her feelings to that girl strongly. If she still wont listen, I have asked her to complain to the teacher and if things dont improve, I might come into the picture.

So, here I sit hoping she comes back home with a smile! How tough parenting is! Sigh!


Jun 18, 2007

Live long or die young?

I live in a joint family – hubby, me, 2 kids and 2 in-laws. My in-laws have been very supportive of me ever since I got married. Inspite of the occasional difference of opinion which is bound to be there when two individuals stay together, there is a basic harmony in our house. We have learnt to withdraw whenever we can sense a storm brewing. We have learnt to tolerate each other. We have learnt to guess the mood in general.There are times I get frustrated, when I feel the need to break free, when I hate that interference, when I want to do something without explanation or permission. But then I remind myself that I am blessed to have elders around who can guide me when I am in need of moral support. I can leave my kids in hands that care. I can have the liberty to be carefree in the office not worrying whether my child ate well, is sleeping properly, has been picked up from school etc. There have been times when I was bed-ridden and didn’t think of kitchen or kids at all. But now I am getting worried. My MIL is 75 and FIL has crossed 80. Over the past year, my FIL has become very weak – mentally. He keeps imagining some or the other physical ailment. If one day its lose motion, next day it will be constipation. Third day he will complain about loss of memory. Every week, he wants to be taken to the doctor and if the doctor prescribes some medicine, he will have something to say about it the next day- it caused acidity, or it causes stomach upset etc. Out of an average 16 hrs he is awake, he thinks of himself close to 16 hrs!!! During the initial days, I could sympathise with his situation. Maybe this is what old age drives you to! I used to give a patient hearing. But now I am losing it. I and hubby have tried explaining to him that with old age, decline in health is imminent. Why not accept it and lead the remaining life happily? Think of God, think of the grandchildren. Divert your mind. But no, it falls on deaf ears. He starts his day crying and cribbing and ends his day the same way. At times, takes out his frustration on my children whom I have taught to bear. Sometimes I feel I have 4 children and not 2.
I think of one of my neighbours, Padma. Her MIL is 99 and completely bed-ridden. She has to be given liquid diet every now and then. She has to be tended when nature calls. Padma sponges her everyday. I do believe in good karma and its after effects but till she reaps the fruit, does she and her MIL really have to go through all this? Padma has 2 sons, both settled in US for the past 6-7 yrs and she hasn’t visited them even once since there is noone who can look after her MIL in her absence! I am scared! I am scared of growing old. I would prefer to die young when I am still happy with myself, when I do not have any complaints against anyone, when I do not nag my children day in and day out. But is it in my hands?


Jun 10, 2007

Of Tagging and Myself

It has been ages now since I updated my blog. Since JustLikeThat has tagged me, will do that now!

1) The one thing I like about myself is that I can be a good friend. The problem is “if I decide to”. I can be very biased.
2) The one thing I do not like about myself is that I get carried away most of the times. Whether it is love, like, hate or adore. I never know how to remain within limits.
3) The one thing I would like to change in me is my sensitivity. I want to be less sensitive to people and things, so that I do not get hurt so easily. Like JustLikeThat, I am one of those who lets people walk all over them and not able to do anything about it except fume inside!
4) The one thing I would not like to change in me is my zeal to keep learning new things.
5) The one thing I like to do anytime is “to be lazy”. Need to change that attitude as well!
6) The one thing I do not like to do anytime is “try to be centre of attraction”. I feel uncomfortable being talked about. I am too self-conscious a person.
7) The one thing I would love to learn is to be more positive in life and to adopt that mantra “don’t worry be happy”!
8) The one thing I would love to unlearn is my habit of brooding and to keep crying over spilt milk.
9) The one thing I run away from is confrontations.
10) The one thing I dream of is a simpler life J

Let me update this post as and when I discover myself more!


Apr 30, 2007

The Mary Poppins Handbag

Mine is a Mary Poppins Handbag. Yesterday, on an impulse, as I was walking past a shop, a handbag caught my attention and before I knew it, I was the owner! Since, it was a whimsical possession and not bought out of necessity, guilt took over the initial euphoria. As the price wasnt too heavy, I managed to convince my silly conscience not to scream out loud.
On reaching home, the first reaction from my kid was "hey, this looks like the bag of Mary who had a little lamb". I got this wierd feeling that maybe it was not the wisest of my decisions to have bought it. Next thing she told me was "Amma, what will you do with your old handbag? Can I have it?"
Now, that was a difficult one since my mind was already divided in two whether I should transfer the belongings of my old handbag to the new. I told her "Not yet, I will have to see whether it can sustain everything thats there in my old bag".
So, there started my digging. Out came my cheque books and credit card pouch. Then came my small purse that holds the change. This was followed by my ID Card and driving licence. Then there was this pair of sunglasses and a comb. How can you comb without a mirror? So, there it was a small foldable one. A few lipsticks, a small bottle of perfume, lots of tissues, lots of bills! The handbag suddenly took the form of a bottomless pit. My Mobile and its headphone, data chord, a CD long forgotten! Hold on, the list hasnt ended. In my side zip there were lots of shloka books, bindis, hair pins, safety pins, nail cutter! Pens, extra clips, extra ear studs!
I was in awe. I was amazed. How did I manage to stuff so much inside that small bag? But the best part is the amount of junk I had accumulated! After throwing away half of it and stuffing the remaining items inside my new bag, I suddenly felt, it was so much lighter and vowed that this time I will learn to throw away rather than throw in the not-required items!
My daughter has the bag now! And she has learnt the art of stuffing too!


Apr 25, 2007

The Fall

Small children can associate only one word with their “falling” – pain. They react in 2 ways. The braver ones depending on how bad the “fall” is, will just get up, dust themselves and carry on as if nothing happened. The weaker ones will start bawling while the friends and well wishers would gather and nurse them with soothing words and first aid.
As an adult, “falling” comes with 2 strings attached to it. The first is “humiliation” and this comes before “pain”. Who has made the rule that adults cant fall and hurt themselves? Then why is it that the first thing you do after you fall is look around to count the no of eyes that have you caught you in the act?

Yesterday I fell. Yes, at a shopping centre. Yes, amidst some 50 pairs of eyes. There was this small elevation of not more than 2 inches on the floor. Then there was this dog sitting a few meters away. I think he understood my phobia for them because he was eyeing me and deciding whether he wanted to bark or let me pass. I was waiting for him to pounce on me, while trudging ahead. With both eyes on him, it was but obvious that I missed to see that protrusion on the floor. I tripped and fell. Luckily, I fell on my knees and not on my face. Dash dash kgs of weight forced upon the knee along with the impact of the fall, sent a shooting pain through me. Nevertheless, the next second, I mustered enough courage to stand up. A few benevolent souls and a few curious ones came to me asking me if I was fine. I replied “Oh yes, yes, I am OK”. Then they went on to explain how something needs to be done about that elevation while noone knows what and who should do it. I took the escape route as soon as possible to the shop I was heading. It was then that the word “pain” started taking its form. I managed to reach home, rubbed some pain relief gel. Today morning the throbbing pain continues as I limp but life continues too.

A few years back I sprained my ankle in almost the same manner. At that time I was coming down the stairs in my office and managed to miss a step and twist my ankle. Again, got conscious and ran out the first thing, only to wake up the next day to a severely swollen foot and had to take the day off.

The number of times I have bumped into people while turning the corner cannot be counted on my fingers. Is it patience that I lack or concentration?

Clumsy me!!!


Apr 20, 2007

Everyday is not a Sunday!

Today is friday! World over people would be moving around with a big smile which says TGIF (Thank God Its Friday). Not for me. The smile is not for me. That is because my company works 6 days a week. Agreed that we start later everyday as compared to my counterparts belonging to TGIF clan, but do not kid me when it comes to the "till" portion. The day can stretch much beyond the time it is supposed to end. Luckily for me, the work is not as demanding and except for some sporadic meetings, my day ends when it is still day! Yet, I would not mind starting my day early every day just to have that saturday off! You may ask me why not look out for a job that gives me that luxury, but there are reasons I do not wish to disclose here for NOT doing so.
Coming to the point, so, its Saturday that gives me the required smile that says "hey so what if everyday is not sunday....tom is surely a Sunday".
And then comes Sunday. The day to get up late. The day breakfast gets done later. The day which my refrigerator starts empty only to end up being stacked. The day myself and hubby take turns to chauffeur our kids to their dance classes and ABACUS classes. The day I love for those 1 1/2 hrs I spend learning the next item on veena. The day when evening would mean some socialising with people and remembering Gods in their temples. The day that ends with Monday Blues!
With such a hectic schedule I wonder why I still love my sundays!


Apr 14, 2007

Food for thought!

Although I love celebrating my Hindu festivals, sometimes it is exasperating. As it happened today.
Today is our Varsha Porappu – Tamil New Year. Happy New Year to one and all. May the year be filled with everything happiness. Apart from the usual vadai and payasam, we are supposed to cook a special delicacy called manga-pachchadi. It is special because it has all tastes in it – sweetness of jaggery, sourness of mango, salt, spice and bitterness of neem flowers that we need to add to it. By eating the same, we are preparing for a year which is full of sweet, salty, bitter, sour etc moments. Then paanagam (jaggery mixed with water) and neer moru (buttermilk) also has to be prepared and offered to the Lord when the panchaangam (the years predictions) is read. Over and above all this, a full fledged lunch needs to be cooked – with rice, sambar, rasam, one dry vegetable and one kootu (wet one).
So, I had to get up an hour earlier and being a Saturday and that too a full working one for me, believe me I had to muster all my courage to do so. I took head bath. Even though my MIL is there with me in all the effort, I started the day feeling “why o why cant I sleep a bit more?” Anyway, the morning hustle bustle soon got over and lunch was partaken. I rushed to my work.

Looking back now I feel, that sometimes it is good to look beyond laziness and lethargy. We do need such occasions for many a reason. The festivals call out for family unions where we need to take blessings of our elders. The festivals give us reason to think of Him. The festivals break the monotony by giving us wide variety of delicacies. Would I ever think of making manga pachchadi if not for varsha porappu? Similarly would I ever make seedai (the round spherical rice-flour crispies) if not for Janmashtami? Each of our festivals has something different to offer to our Gods. And taking His name, we relish the same.

At the end of it all, I wonder why does our life revolve around food?


Your friendly neighbourhood

Yesterday while returning home from work, as I was walking up the stairs, I bumped into my next door neighbour.
She exclaimed “Oh dear, long time no see? Whats up? Were you not in town?”
That set me thinking - when was the last time I talked to her… maybe a month back or was it two? What a poor social animal I am? She stays right besides my house. Her house only a few meters away on the same floor as mine and yet, we see each other only in months?
Is this the way to live and move in a society? I don’t think so. So, where have the things gone wrong?
I remember my childhood days. I had morning school and hence used to be home by lunch time. Afternoon used to be spent lazing around and completing homework. Come evening and all of us kids would rush out to play games that varied with season. At times, it used to running around kinds and at other times games like stapu, elastic etc. My mother used to step out too and all her friends would sit on some verandah and share the day’s happenings… some called it gossiping, I say why not? Atleast they had something to tie them together unlike us.
Today, my morning starts in the kitchen and ends with me rushing to my work. Spending the day in the office and after reaching home, its back to kitchen, studies, dinner, TV and wind up! It sounds like a lame excuse but where do I squeeze in time for my neighbours? During the get-togethers of our society, I usually am the person looking like an outsider!
I have made it a point to call all my friends home atleast for occasions like Navratri. Last Navratri, as I went about inviting them, one of my friends commented lightheartedly “You are my calendar for Navratri. When you come, I know that the festivity is just around the corner”. Her light comment, however, pinched me!
Time management is something I just have to learn however late it is for me. So, the next time my neighbour sees me, I am the one updating her on latest gossips of our society :)


Apr 13, 2007

Auspicious Day!

Friday the 13th! A nice auspicious day to start my blog. Let me prove to myself that my fear of 13 is baseless
Welcome to the world of blogging!


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