Jun 5, 2008

The one important word "I"

Usha tagged me this time. Thanks, Usha. It feels nice to be remembered. How did you know "I" like tags about "I", gee :) But yes, they are fast to do. They dont require me to think much as my world revolves around "I". So, here "I" go!

I am: a sentimental fool trying to change me-self always :)
I think: a lot! Even unnecessary petty things bother me.
I know: I need to update my blogs more often… trying trying trying…don’t give up on me yet!
I want: to be loved and liked by all and I know its not possible.
I have: hubby, kids, roti, kapda, makaan and I thank God for them all.
I wish: life was simpler.
I hate: people who are dishonest, cheeky and get away with their wrong-doings.
I miss: 24 inches waistline :(
I fear: Nostradamus predictions that world will end some day.
I feel: nostalgic when I hear the tales of their class from my daughters. A sense of déjà vu!
I hear: the mobile ring often :). Did I just let the secret out that I talk a lot!
I smell: the monsoons approaching. I want the rains soon in Mumbai.
I crave: for praises. You can try them on me ;)
I search: for a pen when someone calls. That’s precisely the time it gets lost!
I wonder: how fast the time flies!
I regret: not taking up Bharatanatyam more seriously.
I love: living.
I ache: for those fighting for their bread and butter but I believe in Karma too.
I care: that others should not end up getting hurt by my words or deeds even at the cost of my own hurt!
I am not: as simple and carefree as I seem to be.
I believe: in God.
I dance: even if someones watching and I DON’T CARE! :)
I sing: fine enough.
I cry: while watching sad flicks.
I don’t always: scream. Just when I get mad and that happens only 18 hrs in a day.
I fight: a lot. Ask hubby. Ask my bro.
I write: horribly. My handwriting is atrocious.
I win: or not, I am ready to play.
I lose: but I don’t give up easily.
I never: fall back on promises.
I always: need people around me.
I confuse: everyone around me successfully.
I listen: with my heart.
I can usually be found: in the form of a potato on the couch!
I am scared: of slow death.
I need: someone to encourage me always. I lack confidence. Probably Usha guessed it and tagged me ;)
I am happy about: what I am.

And "I" pass on this tag to JLT, Abha, Suma and Somethingtosay
So, get going girls. Time to think about "U" again!


Mama - Mia June 5, 2008 at 3:52 PM  

shall do it!! :D

tho i doubt i can be as creative as you!! :)



Just Like That June 5, 2008 at 4:27 PM  

How is it that you can be totally commonplace in the most wonderfully engaging manner? Loved your I. will do mine soon.
;-) hope your craving's indulged for today?

Swati June 6, 2008 at 4:03 PM  

WOW..that was nice.Loved it. You are wonderful. I love reading from you. I like chatting to you. I keep waiting for you all the time(ENOUGH FOR THE DAY ..OR YOU WANT MORE PRAISE???)

WhatsInAName June 7, 2008 at 11:07 AM  
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WhatsInAName June 7, 2008 at 11:10 AM  

Mama-mia :)
Creative? hehehe I dont know but I wish I could be as prompt and as beautiful writer as you.

JLT :)
Ah! My cravings surely indulged and I will be on the cloud no 7 which just arrived and landed in Mumbai yesterday :D

Swati :)
hehehe Aaj ke liye ENOUGH hai. But I dont mind some such dose everyday ;) Did I tell you you are a sweetheart and that goes even without the praise-dose :)

Usha June 7, 2008 at 1:03 PM  

alo, alo, good girl for taking up the tag so promptly.
Apparently it is raining in mumbai, you should be thrilled?
Ya, we are all such bundles of emotion, aren't we?
Enjoyed this. Thanks.

WhatsInAName June 7, 2008 at 2:11 PM  

Oh Yes Usha :)
I did the post and voila, it started raining the next day. Naan yezhudinein nu mazhai vandudu ninaikkirein :) Let me blog more often and invite more rain now!
It was my pleasure, Usha. I loved doing the tag as well!

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