Apr 14, 2007

Your friendly neighbourhood

Yesterday while returning home from work, as I was walking up the stairs, I bumped into my next door neighbour.
She exclaimed “Oh dear, long time no see? Whats up? Were you not in town?”
That set me thinking - when was the last time I talked to her… maybe a month back or was it two? What a poor social animal I am? She stays right besides my house. Her house only a few meters away on the same floor as mine and yet, we see each other only in months?
Is this the way to live and move in a society? I don’t think so. So, where have the things gone wrong?
I remember my childhood days. I had morning school and hence used to be home by lunch time. Afternoon used to be spent lazing around and completing homework. Come evening and all of us kids would rush out to play games that varied with season. At times, it used to running around kinds and at other times games like stapu, elastic etc. My mother used to step out too and all her friends would sit on some verandah and share the day’s happenings… some called it gossiping, I say why not? Atleast they had something to tie them together unlike us.
Today, my morning starts in the kitchen and ends with me rushing to my work. Spending the day in the office and after reaching home, its back to kitchen, studies, dinner, TV and wind up! It sounds like a lame excuse but where do I squeeze in time for my neighbours? During the get-togethers of our society, I usually am the person looking like an outsider!
I have made it a point to call all my friends home atleast for occasions like Navratri. Last Navratri, as I went about inviting them, one of my friends commented lightheartedly “You are my calendar for Navratri. When you come, I know that the festivity is just around the corner”. Her light comment, however, pinched me!
Time management is something I just have to learn however late it is for me. So, the next time my neighbour sees me, I am the one updating her on latest gossips of our society :)


Just like that April 18, 2007 at 1:57 PM  

Know the feeling. These days I don't even see all the rooms of my own house! Seriously (the second bathroom!!)My son is the one who compensates- he keeps rushing off to the opposite flat, and I keep rushing off to bring him back. In between, my neighbour and I catch up.

Usha April 18, 2007 at 5:58 PM  

It is tough to balance social life and work and family particularly when you have a family. I suppose these festivals where you get invited for vethilai paaku or arshna kumkuma are meant to bridge this a little.
Ya tell me what the latest gossip is - heheh!

WhatsInAName April 19, 2007 at 1:48 PM  

JLT : Those are advantage of having small kids, which I have outgrown now :)

Usha : Ah yes, will surely update you on the gossips! As of now, my maid compensates for the missing links! lol

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