Apr 30, 2007

The Mary Poppins Handbag

Mine is a Mary Poppins Handbag. Yesterday, on an impulse, as I was walking past a shop, a handbag caught my attention and before I knew it, I was the owner! Since, it was a whimsical possession and not bought out of necessity, guilt took over the initial euphoria. As the price wasnt too heavy, I managed to convince my silly conscience not to scream out loud.
On reaching home, the first reaction from my kid was "hey, this looks like the bag of Mary who had a little lamb". I got this wierd feeling that maybe it was not the wisest of my decisions to have bought it. Next thing she told me was "Amma, what will you do with your old handbag? Can I have it?"
Now, that was a difficult one since my mind was already divided in two whether I should transfer the belongings of my old handbag to the new. I told her "Not yet, I will have to see whether it can sustain everything thats there in my old bag".
So, there started my digging. Out came my cheque books and credit card pouch. Then came my small purse that holds the change. This was followed by my ID Card and driving licence. Then there was this pair of sunglasses and a comb. How can you comb without a mirror? So, there it was a small foldable one. A few lipsticks, a small bottle of perfume, lots of tissues, lots of bills! The handbag suddenly took the form of a bottomless pit. My Mobile and its headphone, data chord, a CD long forgotten! Hold on, the list hasnt ended. In my side zip there were lots of shloka books, bindis, hair pins, safety pins, nail cutter! Pens, extra clips, extra ear studs!
I was in awe. I was amazed. How did I manage to stuff so much inside that small bag? But the best part is the amount of junk I had accumulated! After throwing away half of it and stuffing the remaining items inside my new bag, I suddenly felt, it was so much lighter and vowed that this time I will learn to throw away rather than throw in the not-required items!
My daughter has the bag now! And she has learnt the art of stuffing too!


Usha May 5, 2007 at 3:14 PM  

I have always thought that the contents of a handbag would be a great theme for a post and you have already done it! I dare not start emptying the contents - like my mom used to say there may be a lion or a tiger inside too!
But guess what you seem like a very organised person - ready for all contingencies - safety pins and hairclips and what not. But, but...I do not see a single thin g for first aid- how come?

WhatsInAName May 7, 2007 at 3:35 PM  

hmmm not organised but its a case of more-than-twice bitten and more-than-twice shy :)
Oh yes, I do carry first aid too. Vicks, crocin and some cotton!

I would love to read your take on it. Am sure it would be REAL fun

itchingtowrite May 10, 2007 at 11:30 AM  

i did one on the handbag in my 1st month of posting!! remmeber the mom's handbag in the movie- one fine day!! .. we hav a long way to go

Just like that May 11, 2007 at 2:39 PM  

ha ha ha ha looks like you do have a difficult job every day lugging your handbag to work and back.

Well, on second thoughts it seems I do too. Only instead of the cd, mine has a book, not shlokas tho', a calculator for emergencies at work, no mirror ( less damage that way!)and chocolates/sweets to delight my son when he starts his digging...

WhatsInAName May 19, 2007 at 10:12 AM  

itching writer :)
Yeah we do have a long way to go. Let me checkout your take on it.

The new bag has started feeling heavy already you know! :) Its time my cleanup begins again!

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