Jun 10, 2007

Of Tagging and Myself

It has been ages now since I updated my blog. Since JustLikeThat has tagged me, will do that now!

1) The one thing I like about myself is that I can be a good friend. The problem is “if I decide to”. I can be very biased.
2) The one thing I do not like about myself is that I get carried away most of the times. Whether it is love, like, hate or adore. I never know how to remain within limits.
3) The one thing I would like to change in me is my sensitivity. I want to be less sensitive to people and things, so that I do not get hurt so easily. Like JustLikeThat, I am one of those who lets people walk all over them and not able to do anything about it except fume inside!
4) The one thing I would not like to change in me is my zeal to keep learning new things.
5) The one thing I like to do anytime is “to be lazy”. Need to change that attitude as well!
6) The one thing I do not like to do anytime is “try to be centre of attraction”. I feel uncomfortable being talked about. I am too self-conscious a person.
7) The one thing I would love to learn is to be more positive in life and to adopt that mantra “don’t worry be happy”!
8) The one thing I would love to unlearn is my habit of brooding and to keep crying over spilt milk.
9) The one thing I run away from is confrontations.
10) The one thing I dream of is a simpler life J

Let me update this post as and when I discover myself more!


Just like that June 13, 2007 at 4:07 PM  

Finally you got around to it. Can see you're settling down after the vacation... lol
Funny how so many of us are alike... letting people walk all over you, self conscious, running away from confrontations...

Usha June 18, 2007 at 6:01 PM  

I noticed a lot of similarities to what I used to be until I turned 35. I used to be sensitive, self-conscious( still am), wanted everybody to like me, was judgemental etc. Then I turned 35 and I eased up a lot. I suppose all of us need to go through these experiences and hurts in order to grow up!

WhatsInAName June 18, 2007 at 10:22 PM  

JLT :)
Ah yes.. it takes time for me to get out of that vacation mood :)
I guess we are alike in many ways and thats why there is the bonding!

So nice to see you again. After reading your comment I am looking fwd to better times SOON :)

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