Jul 13, 2007

My name is Bond, Sibling Bond!

I called up my brother today. We have not fixed a timing when we call and update each other. He has his life, his wife, his kids. I have mine. I do talk to my parents on a regular basis, so am well updated with the happenings on his front. And yet, there are times I miss our heart-to-heart chats. So, sometimes, I call him up and then just ramble on. My bro is 3 yrs younger to me.

What had happened was that I had found a classmate of mine on www.batchmates.com after nearly 2 decades of having lost touch. Since, I and my bro were in the same school, he knew him. My relation with my brother cannot be termed as very affectionate. There were times we used to discuss the happenings in school and yet there were times we ended up arguing. There were times, our fights became physical too. He used to come to me to help him solve some maths problem and we would end up with a war after I lost my patience (which was and is so less in any case!). We would start playing some card game and end up with me crying as I would be the loser most of the times! He would want to listen to some music while I wanted something poles apart. Luckily we did not have cable TVs back then, else maybe we would have ended up fighting on “which program to see too”.

And yet beneath the surface, lurked that feeling called sibling bond. I have seen brothers and sisters as close as best friends, knowing everything about each other. I may not have been my bro’s best friend, but he knows that I am always there for him and vice versa. We did have our share of laughters… for no reason at times! At other times, it could be some movie, some happening in our lives, some anecdotes! There was a time he supported me when I wanted to go out with friends.

I never realized what he meant to me till the day I left my parents place to start a new life. That was the time; I suddenly found a void…something missing in my life. Even though my hubby became my father, brother, friend rolled into one, yet I missed my bro.

Over the years, the frequency of missing him has reduced. And yet when we meet once or twice a year, we rant on some common topics, we muse on our childhood days, we relive some portion of past!

I look at my two kids now - fighting away to glory at times, arguing without any reason, and complaining about each other. At other times, loving and hugging, defending each other. I am reminded of my sibling.
I just hope they can be more amicable or am I asking for too much?


Usha July 15, 2007 at 11:02 AM  

I think part of the reason why a sibling relationship is special is also because of the fights - the way you can be just yourself with them without fear of losing them . I think a child is richer for having a brother or sister fights and all.

dame's diary July 16, 2007 at 5:08 PM  

As kids, my bro and I fought all the time. Poor mom had a tough time. Now I can't do without him :)

WhatsInAName July 17, 2007 at 10:24 AM  

You are absolutely right. It is enriching to have brother/sister. My inlaws are of the opinion that even 2 are not enough lol

I miss my bro too. Now I am having a tough time dealing with my TWO!!!

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